Instructions for SoMA 2019 Presenters

We’re rapidly approaching SoMA Conference, and I just wanted to get in touch to briefly go over a few logistical details regarding your presentations. 


The talk slots will be 15 minutes long including question time. All presentations will need to be run through the venue’s MacBook computer. So please be sure to bring your powerpoint (or whatever mac compatible presentations/electronic media you wish) on a memory stick so that we can load them up. All talks will be chaired by a member of the SoMA Committee who will help to moderate the Q&A. 


The poster session will be taking place on Monday evening. Please prepare posters that are 30"x40" (76.2x101.6cm) in size. During the poster session, all of the posters will be up simultaneously on boards that will be distributed throughout the Magic Lounge. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to circulate amongst the posters and engage with the poster presenters.

Lightning Talks for Poster Presenters: 

We had a high level of interest in the lightening talks, and, as a consequence, they’re each going to need to be very quick. If you signed up to do a lightening talk, the format will be 1 slide that needs to be presented in 1 minute. These talks will take place immediately before the poster session, and can serve as ’teasers’ to introduce attendees to you topic. The slides will need to be presented on the venue’s MacBook computer, so please bring them along on a memory stick. 

Hopefully, that’s all fairly straightforward, and we’re happy to field any questions via email ( 

Looking forward to seeing you all in Chicago. 

Matt Tompkins