SoMA Summer Seminar Schedule


The Seminar will be taking place on August 31 at the Wellcome Collection

  • 12:30 Registration

  • 1:00 Seminar begins (Intro/housekeeping)

  • 1:15-1:45 Gustav Kuhn- How exposure can enhance our appreciation for magic

  • 1:45- 2:15 Matt Pritchard- Science, magic, and wonder in the classroom

  • 2:15-2:45 Kim Uittenhove- The effect of a supposedly psychic events on paranormal beliefs

  • 2:45-3:15 Coffee Break

  • 3:15-3:45 Steve Bagienski- Crossroads of magic, wellbeing, and student community

  • 3:45- 4:15 Shringi Kumari- Why game designers should study magic

  • 4:15-4:45 Stuart Scott- Elements of deception

  • 4:45-5:15 Adam Simmons & Richard McDougall- The Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programme: Combining magic and science as a clinical therapy for young people with hemiplegia

  • 5:15 Closing remarks (~10 mins)

  • Post Seminar Pub: The Doric Arch (~6 minute walk from the Wellcome)


Format: Talks will be 20 minutes each- followed by 10 minutes of moderated Q&A. We hope that presenters and delegates will carry their discussions throughout the day during the break and at the pub following the seminar.

Closing Time: The Wellcome will be closing at 6pm, so we will all need vacate the building following the closing remarks. The Wellcome has been very generous in hosting us, so it’d be great clear the building in good time for their convenience. That being said, we’ve booked space in the Doric Arch pub so that conversations can continue and folks can grab food and drinks. The pub is just a short walk away from the Wellcome, and we’ll be walking over together. I hope many of you will join us there.

Smoke and Mirrors: On a related note, this means that if you want to check-out the Wellcome’s Smoke and Mirrors exhibition, it would probably best if you aim to do so before the seminar begins.

Matt Tompkins